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Welcome to Giba Motors

"GIBA MOTORS " LTD was founded on april 26 2005 in Tbilisi . Its mainc goal and moto is "maximum quality with minimal price " . The company priorities are tailored on consumers . Its offers full range of auto products both to the retail and corpote clients .

The activities of " Giba Motors " LTD include importing and selling tires tirewears lubricating oils , filters and other auto part fot lights and cargo cars all over Georgia.

The company offers wide range of high quality products to the custumers . Its suppliers are big manufactoring companies from Germany, China , Latvia , Turkey , America , Italy and slovenia , who are oriented on the quality of their products .

There are 35 qualified emloees who serve the custumers in good faith .

The hard work , 12 years of experience and the unity of the emploees , brought the fruit and "Giba Motors " LTD became one of the successful organizations in Georgia .